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here we go...

i started the idea of having this blog about two years ago and sadly, i never "got around" to actually doing anything with it. but, it is definitely something that i have to do. maybe not for anyone else, but for myself. i'm planning to use it as a bit of an accountability tool for myself, to make sure that i am on my way to completing the goals and tasks that i have set up for myself. i think that if i start with that idea, that eventually it will become something of a habit for me to just log on and post at least every other day. this is the first post to many. indeed.

the above photo is a section of a larger drawing that i finished just a short while ago. i had been toying with the idea and had started it before, but it just did not have the feeling that i get from this finished piece. the title is "masked mavens" and it was originally going to be part of the series of drawings that i have been working on that involve the idea of the relationships between birds and foxes before the horrible terrible rift formed among them. that series is still accumulating pieces, but this one has inspired another series involving enemies and nemeses becoming one another in an almost celebrated fashion. it excites me a great deal and i can't wait to see what might come of it. wish me luck!