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This is my piece for an art exhibit in Canton Ohio. Anderson Creative invited a group of artist's from around the states to take part of a show titled The Exquisite Corpse. The idea behind the show mirrors a drawing exercise that has taken place among artist for quite some time. Here is a brief history and description of the assignment of the exquisite corpse.

The Exquisite Corpse - earliest among the many games invented by the Surrealists - was a kind of collective collage of images. Born around 1925 (among Andre Breton, Jacques Prevert and Marcel Duchamp), it was based upon an old parlor game of folded paper. Tristan Zara, in The Exquisite Corpse: Its Exaltation, described the rules: "Three of you sit down around a table. Each one of you, hiding from the others, draws on a sheet the upper part of a body, or the attributes able to take its place. Pass on to your neighbor on the left this sheet, folded so as to conceal the drawing, but for three or four of its lines passing beyond the fold. Meanwhile, you get from your neighbor on the right another sheet prepared in the same way (the sheets of paper to be used for the game will be previously folded perpendicular to the axis of the body to be portrayed in the drawing). You continue to draw the body's midsection, as do your co-laborer's. On a third pass, each artist draws the body's lower portion on the sheet he has received. Of course, this game admits a larger number of players. In the event that colors are used, it is a requirement to pass, along with the sheet, the colors, limited to the number of those

Our assignment varied in the fact that none of the artist were in the same room and no paper was folded. We were each mailed (or if you lived close enough, you could pick it up) a sheet of paper that had been chosen for us. And each of our names were drawn from a hat to decide what body part we were to draw: a head, a middle, or legs. Then the gallery put us into groups of three. None of the artists know who they are paired with and none of the artists will discover the appearance of our entire body until the opening of the show. The show opens at Anderson Creative in Canton Ohio on April 1st. If anyone is in the area or would love to take a little trip to see some exquisite work, please visit the opening. It's going to be pretty remarkable.

My piece features cut paper feathers that are all hand drawn and then attached to an ink drawing of a real long neck bird. The body part drawn out of hat for me was the head, which included everything from the neck up. And it didn't have to be human of course. It could be any sort of interpretation we desired. I'm very excited and pleased with the outcome.