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well, so far i have not been a woman of my word and if i were using this blog as an accountability partner, it definitely would have let me down and our relationship would be stopped. haha, lessons learned i suppose. for whatever reasons i try to let these sort of technology based relationships intimidate me and i never follow through with any of them i try to begin (this will make the third or fourth attempt). however, i have cancelled other websites and such that i was attempting to keep up with along with this one. i did just begin a pintrest page, but that is only for sharing things i find interesting on the web. it's more of an acquaintance at the most and not something i feel pressured to visit more than this one. currently this is the only site i have any major responsibility for and the only one that will require me to seriously schedule in a bit of time. hopefully, that will allow me to keep it updated and much more current with the happenings in my studio. so, let's try this again. this is going to be used to share with those interested what is happening in my studio and what projects are in progress.

i am making work and getting ready for a two woman show in april that is taking place at taylor books annex gallery in charleston wv. the other artist that i will be sharing the gallery with is my friend amanda jane miller. it's pretty exciting and we are definitely creating something that will appeal to most everyone. the show will give the audience an opportunity of stepping inside a children's book. anything can happen and anything is possible. our postcard for the show is just about complete and installation happens april 1st. it's approaching very quickly and i'm enjoying the ride of creating work that is fun and whimsical. it's very refreshing after such a saddening winter. i often have battles with keeping my mind clear and opened for being lighthearted and happier, and it was definitely a struggle this past winter. i'm ready to welcome spring into my world with wide opened arms.

the earlier post will make an appearance in this upcoming two woman show and here is another sneak peek at another piece that will be seen there as well.