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I was approached a little while ago by the wonderful artist/professor/just great person Paula Clendenin (check out and she asked if I would have any interest in jurying the student art exhibition for West Virginia State University for 2011. And without hesitation, I agreed. I'm so thankful and honored that she would bring this opportunity to my doorstep.
During the morning of April 22, I spent my time admiring and sifting through some pretty remarkable student works in the Della Brown Talyor Hardman Gallery. These young artists have artistic voices that are coming to life and speaking up and I am so very lucky that I got to select certain works to share during this "The State of State 2011: WVSU Student Juried Exhibition". Please venture down to the Della Brown Taylor Hardman Gallery in the Davis Fine Arts Building on WVSU Campus and drink up this young artist's show. You will be glad you did!
The opening reception for "Egg.Flower.Soup a made up story" was such a success. The works by my friend Amanda Jane Miller and myself looked incredibly lovely on the gallery walls. The folks at Taylor Books Annex Gallery in Charleston WV could not have done a better job of hanging and installing our works. This is a shot of my Creature Portrait wall. I had such a fantastic evening meeting new artists and fans (which is still quite humbling), having warm caring conversations with dear friends, and of course sharing so many laughs and smiles with everyone that ventured inside to take a look at the storybook we provided for the gallery walls. Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you to everyone for the support and encouragement. Let's do it again!!!
So, the Exquisite Corpse opening at Anderson Creative in Canton Oh was fantastic. I got to meet one of the other artists featured on the corpse that contained my head piece. And i was amazed to see everyone's solution to the challenge of drawing whatever body part they were assigned. There were some truly fantastic results.
This is another piece that will be featured at my next show opening. The show is a two woman show featuring myself and another dear friend artist Amanda Jane Miller. The shows title is "Egg.Flower.Soup a made up story" and I really couldn't be more excited to share the space with Amanda and present a wonderfully whimsical welcoming show to ring in spring. The title of this piece will be revealed once the show is up. It is one of a few pieces featuring fun little non-flying creatures going up up and away in different modulared hot air balloons. I'm having so much fun making work for this show and I can't wait to see it all come together in the space.