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So, the Exquisite Corpse opening at Anderson Creative in Canton Oh was fantastic. I got to meet one of the other artists featured on the corpse that contained my head piece. And i was amazed to see everyone's solution to the challenge of drawing whatever body part they were assigned. There were some truly fantastic results.
This is another piece that will be featured at my next show opening. The show is a two woman show featuring myself and another dear friend artist Amanda Jane Miller. The shows title is "Egg.Flower.Soup a made up story" and I really couldn't be more excited to share the space with Amanda and present a wonderfully whimsical welcoming show to ring in spring. The title of this piece will be revealed once the show is up. It is one of a few pieces featuring fun little non-flying creatures going up up and away in different modulared hot air balloons. I'm having so much fun making work for this show and I can't wait to see it all come together in the space.