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The past few weeks have been filled with brainstorming for the next few series of works to be created for different shows I have approaching during the months ahead. These are just a couple of examples of works that I have made. They are perfectly good pieces and can stand strong alone I think, but I'm still considering them as samples.

The bottom photo is my first crack at creating a paper terrarium. I have been obsessed with terrariums lately and I really want to make some for our home, but I haven't had the time or expenses to delve into that desired hobby. Instead I decided that I should most definitely create paper ones, both cut paper reliefs on panels and soon more sculptural terrariums. I am quite pleased with how the first run went with this one and I can't wait to make more.

The top photo is titled "To be a bird." It is also the first in a series of paper doll images that are dressing as animals. I have quite a few of these planned and I am also quite pleased with how this first one turned out. She is cute and I do believe they all will be very sweet little images.

The next few months are going to be filled with many scraps of paper and many stacks of works to fill a few different galleries. This excites me and I am so very thrilled/scared/anxious/excited to see where the next year takes me. After the fall my pace is going to slow down just a bit because most of the big projects that have been filling my time with will be over, so I have to start thinking and pondering what I want to do next so things can be lined up at the start of the new year. Next year is quite a big year for me. I will be turning thirty and it stills shocks me when I say that out loud. And I am not one of those people who freak out and loose it a little bit at the thought and fact of growing older, but I am someone who wants to have certain goals obtained. Many of my goals have already been obtained and I had such a delightful time fulfilling them, but the one I am always chasing has not come to full life yet. It's about at 60% growth (if I had to guess) and next year will be my year to push it all the way. Keep your fingers crossed for me and keep those happy thoughts floating my way. This artist lady needs all the help she can get.

P.S.-How flipping fantastic does my website look now! My terrifically talented and forever supportive husband revamped it this morning. How lucky can I get? Very in my book because if working with computers and understanding their programs were like dancing, I would have two left feet turned backwards, haha. I love it and I hope you do too!

This week has been a week of rest with some brainstorming for what the next steps are that I want to take with my artwork. This line of thinking excites me a great deal. I can't wait to take these steps.

A few weeks ago, I had a friend contact me about taking some of my images and drawings and printing them on to t-shirts. This is an idea that I have tossed around in my mind for a while, along with printing them on canvas bags and also scarfs. So, this is an adventure that I'm actually going to discuss more in depth with my lovely friend and get the process starting in the next few months.

Along with that idea, I have also opened an Etsy Shop. I have been registered with Etsy for over a year now, but have always put off actually listing items. Tonight I took the plunge and listed four drawings in my shop. More items to come and when the t-shirts or other items are ready and in stock, they will be listed as well. Here is the link to my shop:
The image above is one of the pieces that I listed earlier in the shop.

I am very proud of where my work has taken me so far and I get overwhelmed when I imagine of all the new places it could take me if I just take a few more extra steps. Wish me luck and cross your fingers because I know that it will not be an easy trip. It will not be boring that's for sure!