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This past week was filled with a return home from vacation and other various fun activities. Another StreetWorks project made possible by the East End Main Street in Charleston has came and went. This year all the artists were asked once again to create original works of art to be featured on bricks that will be installed along Washington Street on the East End. The top photo is my piece for this year. This is what the brick will look like (but with sepia tones). The actual piece was full of bright colors. Sunday evening, the auction was held to auction off the original pieces and it was tons of fun. Justin and I managed to score some lovely prizes during the raffle held during the auction. And all the original pieces were auctioned off. We also got to visit with friends that we do not get to see often enough and had many laughs during the auctioneer Ted Brightwell's performance. Next year's StreetWorks project for the East End will most likely be bigger and even more fun. I can't wait.

Justin and I are both finishing up some new works for the upcoming Second Cousins exhibit that will be held in Huntington WV during the months of July and August. The bottom photo is one of the works that I will be featuring in the show. It is an ink illustration. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am extremely interested in terrariums right now and have been toying around with the idea of creatures, plant life, and homes inside of different containers. This one is a nest and branched blooming flower inside of kitchen ladle. We will see where I go from here. I have many different drawings, but so far this is one of my favorites.