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I have been quite the busy little bee the past few weeks.  Lots and lots of paper has been folded, cut, and glued.  The pictures above are a few examples of some of the creating that has taken place.  The top image is a hanging bird in dress piece.  The dress in this case is a birdcage and a lovely nest with eggs is being held within that cage.  I haven't given this piece a title yet, but it will definitely be referencing the fact that recently I have been fighting off that mommy feeling, haha.  I'm craving a little nestling to take care of and love.  One day it will happen, but probably not anytime soon.  And in that case, I will make more pieces to purge the feelings.  That's what we artists do right, haha.  The lower image is an image of a house covered with drawn and then cut origami peace cranes.  Again, I haven't titled this work yet, but it is about the peaceful feeling one gets when they "land" in their home.  I find my sense of home in people and the places they occupy.  Throughout the past few years, my boyfriend/fiancee/and my now husband has been my home.  My mother was the last to make me feel that sense of peaceful home and since her passing I have not felt that feeling of home until he took me into his shelter of love and safety.  It is something that has been heavy on my mind lately and I wanted to express the feeling of our peaceful home.  

These are just a couple more peeks of work that you will get to see in about month.  Much much more to come!  Let me know what you think!

It's been longer than I had hoped for me to make an update. But, sometimes life races on a bit faster than expected and you seem to be off the track. Like most folks would say when asked how things have been, I have to say things have been busy. But, things have also been very good the past few weeks. Work has been getting made and I have managed to work some kinks out of pieces that I've been working on for a bit.

Last night was the opening for the Second Cousins Exhibit in Huntington WV. The show is in Gallery 842 just downtown and there was such a great turn out. The show was curated by my very good friend and fellow artist Jamie Miller. The four pieces featured above are just a few of the works that I have featured in the show. All of them are cut paper pieces and were such a joy to make.

I am currently making work for two solo shows that are quickly approaching, one in August and the other in September. Even more paper pieces will be featured in these shows. There will be more updates of progress for these shows soon to come. I absolutely love doing what I do and I can't wait to share even more with you.