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I have been quite the busy little bee the past few weeks.  Lots and lots of paper has been folded, cut, and glued.  The pictures above are a few examples of some of the creating that has taken place.  The top image is a hanging bird in dress piece.  The dress in this case is a birdcage and a lovely nest with eggs is being held within that cage.  I haven't given this piece a title yet, but it will definitely be referencing the fact that recently I have been fighting off that mommy feeling, haha.  I'm craving a little nestling to take care of and love.  One day it will happen, but probably not anytime soon.  And in that case, I will make more pieces to purge the feelings.  That's what we artists do right, haha.  The lower image is an image of a house covered with drawn and then cut origami peace cranes.  Again, I haven't titled this work yet, but it is about the peaceful feeling one gets when they "land" in their home.  I find my sense of home in people and the places they occupy.  Throughout the past few years, my boyfriend/fiancee/and my now husband has been my home.  My mother was the last to make me feel that sense of peaceful home and since her passing I have not felt that feeling of home until he took me into his shelter of love and safety.  It is something that has been heavy on my mind lately and I wanted to express the feeling of our peaceful home.  

These are just a couple more peeks of work that you will get to see in about month.  Much much more to come!  Let me know what you think!