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          HELLO!!!  It has been extremely too long of time for me to not create a post.  My husband has been reminding me of this fact for weeks now.  As most would, I can use being ridiculous busy as my excuse and that is what I am going to do.  Many things have happened over the past few months.  Three of the most exciting and most time consuming being my promotion and the wonderful installation and completion of my first two solo exhibitions.  All three of these happenings have been such a great feeling and while all were and have been time consuming, physically and mentally tiring, and so much more I would do it all again.  And honestly, I hope I am awarded the opportunity to do so.
          The top three photos are gallery shots from my show Inmost Quaint Vivariums at West Virginia State University and the next four photos are gallery shots from my show A Much Curious Coop at Marshall University Graduate College Library.  Both shows were installed early in September and both completed their run early and mid October.  I was extremely lucky and even more grateful for the fine opportunities given to me to be able to show in these galleries and for the showings to be solo endeavors.  Being hooked on exhibiting work had already happened to me, but now I have an even greater drive and desire to do so.
          The final photo was my piece created for the ArtMares Halloween exhibit that was opened during Charleston's Eastend Halloween extravaganza HallowsEast 3.  The title of the piece is Never Alone, Always Understood.  And even more wonderful news for this sold!  It's always a nice feeling when someone else loves and appreciates your creations.  This is one of my favorite pieces to have drawn during the past few years.
          So, now that I have ended my horrible silent spell, I will get back to my weekly or at least ever other week, postings.  There are several holiday projects coming up in the next few weeks and I do have something that I have been working on that will pan out soon enough.  Until next time...SMLC