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I'm still here!  I know that it's been way too long since my last post and it can only be said that it's much overdue.  There are no grand excuses other than I have let life take over a bit.  But, with the wonderful accountability of others and me kicking myself in the pants, posts will be coming at least once a week, if not more.  I have a plan to give myself a certain assignment for an entire year that I will complete every day and the results will be posted along with other work along the way.

Although life (mainly work and letting myself be lazy about posting) may have gotten to steer the ship for awhile, I have still be sailing away with creating work.  The past few months have allowed me to show pieces in two WV museums, display work in many local area galleries and shops, designing a cd cover, designing cover work for a soon to be book of poetry, a few commissions, and of course just to make make make.  It definitely is something that never goes away.  I'm constantly forming ideas and putting them into action in some piece.  The image above is the album art for a band from Columbus Ohio, Dave Buker and the Historians.  The album is called Say Ave.  (look them up online and check them out here: It was such a great feeling to be asked to design this for them.  They had visited our area around the holidays and had seen my work in an area gallery.  They then gathered my contact info and the rest is history.  I hope to work with them again in the future.  I'm currently in the process of designing the cover to a book of poetry for a sweet friend who is graduating with a degree in publishing and creative writing.  The finished results are going to be pretty fantastic I do believe and I can't wait to share that in the future.

I'm also in the process of some other pretty exciting things that I will keep you all updated on as the days and weeks follow.  It feels good to be back and I hope you are stilling looking and listening.  xoxo smlc