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I have been obsessed with terrariums for awhile now.  It seems that I just can't get enough of them and have been creating various versions of them for close to a year now.  Here are a few of them that are being shown in a restaurant in downtown Charleston, Pies n Pints.
This is my Snail Terrarium.  I love that you can create these worlds, clouds and all, in this globes that can fit in the palm of you hand and fit in the corner of our minds.
This little world is filled to the brim with mushrooms and hedgehogs.  Can you imagine how tiny that hedgehog is since the mushrooms tower over him.  Tiny hedgehog that is enormously adorable.
Busy buzzing bees.  Bees, for whatever reason, in reality usually terrify me.  But, I am constantly pulled to draw them and their hives.  Maybe in some extremely abstract way they remind my of birds and their nests.

And just one more quick update.  I will be listing new items in my Etsy Shop very soon, within the next few weeks.  Also, I will be keeping a price list for works and galleries to contact as well that will be located right here on  Fun fun things! -xoxo   smlc