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Things have been going pretty well here in StillMaybeStudios.  I received wonderful news of being accepted into this year's Best of West Virginia juried show with Tamarack in Beckley WV.  Two pieces were accepted and I'm thrilled.  Due to an extremely busy work schedule and other art commitments over the past few years, my submission to juried shows have slowed down tremendously. But, I have decided to submit to at least four this year as one of personal art goals for 2012.  This was the first and the acceptance has definitely fueled my courage and confidence in others to submit to.  I know though to never count my eggs so to speak because juried shows are very subjective and are often flooded with hundreds of  crafted and created submission full of talent and superb qualities.  So, I'm definitely I'm keeping expectations in check.  There are two submissions due by June 1st.  One show is titled THEN & NOW.  It involves taking a original work you created as a child and recreating it in a style or technique you use now.  I managed to find only one piece to use because many of childhood creation aren't easily accessible by myself or other family members.  But, I steamed ahead with what I could find.   

This is the childhood work of art that had been kept inside my baby book.  There isn't a date or age listed, but to the best of my knowledge and memory, it was created when i was four or five.  The handwriting shown is the handwriting I had at that time and it was also the age when I purchased a How to Draw Animals book at a book fair in school.  So, this is what I used as my reference to create my NOW work.

This is my NOW piece simply but appropriately titled HORSE.  She is created using gouache, a bit of ink, and strips of lovely paper tape.  I'm excited to see what happens to her and if she will get to travel to Ohio for inclusion in the exhibit.  My fingers are crossed and my ideas are sparking of other works to create in a possible new series of animal portraits.  

I'll keep you posted on whether or not she is accepted into the exhibit and will also share more information on the remaining two submission I have for the year.  Please let me know what you think and feel free to leave comments.  I love hearing people's thoughts on creations I share.  Have a great, family & friends filled, super safe Memorial weekend!
xoxo SMLC
Two posts in the same day, one after the there something wrong with me, haha.  Nope.  I just realize that I need to get caught up on sharing a bit of what's been going on in Still Maybe Studios.

I received some fantastic news two days ago.  Two of my works have been accepted into The Tamarack's Best of West Virginia juried show!  The Tamarack is located in Beckley WV.  I am quite proud of the accomplishment and it just gives me an extra push and jolt to keep doing what I'm doing, that what is happening is very good, and that I need to celebrate.  Sometimes I try to not do that so much.  I don't want to feel as though I'm bragging, but the difference in celebration and being conceded is becoming much more clear.

Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble.  Here are the two works that have been accepted.  I'll keep everyone notified of the opening night and also the dates the show will be featured in the Tamarack gallery.

xoxo SMLC

 Not a Feather Out of Place

HoneyBee Tea Terrarium

This lovely lilac skinned elephant will soon call East End Main Street in Charleston her home.  The StreetWorks project for the East End this summer is to create metal signs showing local area artists works.  The signs will be attached to the lamp posts along both sides of the street and will be circular in shape.  The StreetWorks staff asked that the works to represent the growth and change happening in the East End.  I chose to represent the bravery it takes to make the steps of change and growth.  Many new businesses are moving to the street and many new faces are calling the area home.  All of these decisions and actions take a very brave person or persons, just like the lovely lilac elephant taking her steps across her tightrope.  "Be Brave" everyone!  It's a statement that I have been taking to heart to be a reminder of how to carry myself.

Another great opportunity for the artists, community, and the East End, is that there will be an auction celebration on June 17, 2012 starting at 5:30 in Charleston's wonderful ReStore.  All of the original works featured on the signs and throughout the neighborhood will be auctioned off for the community to have the opportunity to have their favorite image.  The artist will get to take home half of the proceeds with the other half going to the East End Main Street organization to help keep the positive changes happening.  Here is our very brave lilac elephant framed and ready to go.  Please come out and join the celebration!  And if you fall in love with the little brave elephant, you can make a bid, win, and take her home to be a nice reminder to always live a brave life.  xoxo smlc