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Things here in Still Maybe Studios have been quite a buzz for the past few months.  The December show at Taylor Books in Charleston was a huge success.  It was beautifully installed by Dan Carlisle the manager of the gallery and had wonderful attendance during the time of the exhibit.  

With the success of that show fueling my spirits, I pushed ahead with the assistance of my very good friend Janet Miles.  We discovered a wonderful way to create versions of my work that could be owned by more people.  The giclee print has allowed my work to blossom into much more of a business.  At the end of February I had an appointment to interview with Tamarack in the hopes that they felt my work and product would be a fit in their gallery and in the shopping establishment.  That interview went extremely well and with making some minor adjustments I was welcomed back to the final step of their jurying process.  Some very skilled masters of art and the incredibly supportive gallery director at Tamarack spent time reviewing and jurying my work.  Needless to say I was more than a bit nervous.  Don't get me wrong, I know my skill and talent level and am confident in that I always represent myself and my work in a sophisticated manner, but the art world can be a bit subjective and one never knows quite how the wind may blow.  After a few hours passed from the time of my arrival I was called into the room and with a glowing and supportive smile, a most pleasant lady showed me where to go to be interviewed and followed that by saying "you've been accepted!".  Then I was glowing with a huge smile on my face, as was my friend Janet.  It feels great to know that others admire and respect what you spend hours creating.  Tamarack is a wonderful establishment located in Beckley WV.  It was created to be a central location where anyone could go and find art, craft, and food creations juried in as "the BEST of WV".  I have the most esteemed privilege to say that I can absolutely say, without hesitation, (and without my head appearing to be too big :) ) that I am included in the BEST we have in WV. 

This is an original created specifically for the final jurying interview titled "Companion Series (crowned cranes)".