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Welcome to Still Maybe Studios!

Recently, I submitted an application to be featured in a volume of artists and makers selected from worldwide submissions.  Results haven't been been released yet and I try to not think too much about it or I most definitely could dwell.  I wanted to share with you a peek inside Still Maybe Studios.

At my drawing table all of my ideas come to life and are created.  I have practically anything I could possibly need at arms length.

And if what I need isn't at arms length I can turn around and it isn't that far away. These shelves are full of supplies, books of inspiration, nick-knacks, and what-nots.

It can be easy to just get lost in exploring through all of the little things and colorful items to use on paper I have collected over the years. 

Many family treasures and gifts from friends are here so that I have them close as I create.  My childhood treasures that have followed me through my life and that I still have kept are also in this space and grace this space. Here I can be whatever I want to be and there are no expectations from anyone except those I place on myself.  

Thanks for visiting and hopefully you will stop by again soon!  I'll keep you posted with any updates on whether or not Still Maybe Studios will be one of the featured studios within the book.  Keep your fingers crossed!